Dialling Codes

How to play Dialling Codes

A set of related words, names or phrases (the subject matter is given on the game board) has been encoded by using the numbers relevant to each letter. Your task is to break the code by converting the numbers back into letters. The puzzle has been made slightly more difficult by using the standard cryptographer's trick of grouping all the numbers into groups of three. The number 1 represents a space between words (or occasionally a hyphen between parts of a word). Any other elements of punctuation that may exist in names are ignored.

By clicking on each number you will be able to scroll down to the letter you wish to insert. You may change any of the letters you have entered at any time until you hit the 'Finish' tab.

How do we score it

For completing the puzzle correctly you will score 90 points.

Time bonus: For completing the puzzle within the target time of ten minutes you will score a further 90 points. For each minute or part of a minute in excess of that target time 18 points will be de-ducted. If you fail to get the puzzle correct you will not qualify for time bonus points, no matter how quickly you submit your entry.